Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating systems are invisible and maintenance free which over time saves you money, There is no need for space consuming radiators.

Underfloor Heating is ideal for use with energy saving condensing boilers as it requires a low water temperature.

With underfloor, comfort levels are high and energy costs are low.

Underfloor heating has made it possible to reduce energy consumption by using low water temperature and maintaining a constant level of comfort. These systems, based on the development of complex and very high quality plastic pipe, such as the multilayer pipe, now account for 60% of some European heating market.

There are two types of underfloor heating, electrical systems and wet systems. As the name suggested one is powered by electricity and the other is powered by the water heater or boiler. Our team of skilled heating engineers are able to repair and maintain both types of system. We can carry out all types of repair including the installation of new manifolds, mixing valves and actuator heads as well as system cleans and fault finding. If you have any problems with your underfloor heating then we can help.

  • Poly Plumb
  • Emmeti
  • J.G
  • Nu-Heat
  • Osma

We can provide the following Underfloor Heating services:

  • Manifold changes from as little as £250.00
  • Underfloor heating pipe work flush, to bring system back to full flow
  • Diagnostic repairs, helpful, honest solutions. Hourly rate repairs from as little as £75.00
  • New electronic controllers, actuator heads and other controls
  • Electrical mats and thermostats fitted, tested and repaired