Power Flushing

Central Heating Cleansing PumpMany old central heating systems contain sludge, which can restrict efficiency. If you install a new boiler in a system containing excessive amounts of sludge it can be disturbed around the system and into your brand new boiler!

A Power Flush is the safe, clean and easy way to remove sludge (magnetite sludge) from your central heating system, you could also gain up to 30% improved efficiency.

If your system shows any of the following symptoms, then both you and your central heating will benefit from this type of water treatment.

  • Dirty system water
  • Cold spots
  • Poor circulation
  • Noisy systems
  • System blockages
  • Expensive bills
By giving your system a power flush we will be able to clean out the contamination in one operation with no mess and no fuss, restoring your boiler and system the best condition. Once your system has been cleaned, we will refill the heating circuit and an inhibitor (chemical) will be added to protect your system in the future.